At the Playground

It still feels new:

 This motherhood season of 

 Watching you from here.

 You don’t need me

 To pick you up

 Prevent your falls

 Protect you.

 – Leastways not in the same ways.

 This season brings

 A new peace

 (And a new tension).

 When you were little 

 I hovered:

 Conscious of so many potential dangers.

 Ever present,

 I could

 Prevent your falls,

 Soothe your fears,

 Intercept your missteps.

 Now I watch from afar –

 As you capably, fearlessly 


 And dangle

 And balance 

 And reach

 And stretch.

 I privately hold my breath

 And silently root 

 For sure footedness

 Instead of instructing you towards it. 

 There’s a little one here 

 All luscious and teetering 

 His daddy close behind.

 I remember.

 And I remember when I couldn’t wait to sit over here.

 The waiting’s over 

 And it won’t be long now

 ‘Til I wish it was back…

 The old dangers 

 Paling in light of the new.


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