I can’t imagine there’s a lot you need to know about me – having your own colossal set of real life YOU and all life’s interesting accoutrements to accompany you. I’m writing this because sometimes I like to know something about the folks whose writing I read. It may help or interest you to know something about me. It may not.

First, thanks to my friend, Reg McClelland, for graciously allowing me to use his beautiful pictures. If Vanorvis Images is on the image, the credit goes to him.


I hope I’m not sappy, but am aware that I may come off that way as I like (what I consider to be) good things: happy endings, stories and notions of truth and beauty and love winning the day. And though I don’t like it, have to accept that having a blog points to at least some level of self-absorption, though I really hope to write something meaningful to you and helpful to you and not just me-ish, for me. (‘Cause what else would be the point?)

Some interesting stops for me have been: an appendectomy in the Andes Mountains, mosh pits, rehab, homelessness, singing in everything from classical choirs to punk rock bands, majoring in philosophy, and battling debilitating bouts with agoraphobia and anxiety. I’ve raised and preserved my own food, kept bees, and boiled sap for maple syrup. I’ve lived in a tent while raking wild blueberries in Maine and planting trees in Mississippi. I’ve witnessed miracles happen to street kids in St. Petersburg and pregnant mothers in Haiti. I’m crazy about words and books and the good power and potential of both. I also like being outside, comfortable clothes, and coffee. Preferably all at the same time. Though I don’t necessarily or always give in to it, I do tend towards excess; chemical, emotional, and otherwise. I’m the mother of 5 glorious people who I stay at home with and (hopefully) teach,  am wife to Saint Gregory, think Tolkien and Lewis (among others) were geniuses, feel a little akin to a monastic way of life – even though I’m not Catholic – and am particularly drawn, it seems, to hyphens, prepositions, parentheses, and commas, probably in hopes that my overuse of punctuation will make up for whatever gaps there will inevitably be in word communication. All the while knowing, of course, that this is unreasonable but hoping you’ll “get me” all the same. I believe we are connected – or can be – (Maybe semicolons and colons too. I’m also a little [a lot?] scattered.) whether in reference to each other, the earth we inhabit, or the God who made it, this collective shared life is all of ours. Worthy of our best, worthy of the best meaning attaching we may place on it. Worthy of a fleshing out of that meaning attaching (not just words for words’ sake.). And though the world maybe wouldn’t need us, we might as well add our best to the whole scenario so long as we’re here (while finding out what our best is, of course). These are important distinctions to make, vital decisions for people who tend toward discontent, escapism, depression, and a sense of foreboding, of which I am (sadly but not doomed to be) one.

It needs to also and most importantly be mentioned that I believe that if there is any crumb of anything even remotely edifying or encouraging or relatable here, it’s because Jesus is good and that He has been gracious in sharing His goodness. I blunder along, too often self-absorbed, always wretched. But He remains Him. Good. And He shows up, quite in spite of me, to stay good – and true and lovely and praiseworthy and of good report – anyway. I don’t know why He does, but I love Him for it. And I hope you will too ’cause such a scandalous, impossible, pined-for-our-whole-lives transformative love is real and worth celebrating, worth sharing. I know. I’ve been without it. At any rate, I hope it shines through and that you’ll leave here better than you when you came. Thanks for visiting.



26 thoughts on “About

  1. One of the best personal statements I’ve ever read. Where are all the Likes and comments? Did the Jesus statement frighten them off?

    My goodness, you’ve led a life. Plenty of blog fodder there, even if you didn’t have five excuses at home with you. Wish I did have more time to read you. You are great to read!

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    1. *sigh* At the risk of sounding discouraged, I don’t know.

      But for your wonderful encouragement, I may just take you up on assaulting you (I can’t, for the life of me, think of a gentler word at present. Forgive me!) with something I’m “proud of” at some point. Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment. I may just write again…

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  2. Thank you ever so much; you’re dear for saying so! I am thrilled that you like it and hope you gleaned something useful while you were here. It’s good to “meet” you!


  3. We share several common interests…coffee, Tolkien, CS Lewis, growing things, and most importantly…Jesus. I come to your blog via, Dr Victo Dolore 😉 Later! DM

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    1. I am glad to share these interests and grateful for your willingness to read and respond. I’m especially glad we share the most important interest and hope that we may edify each other in that great (love) interest! Happy to “meet” you and I look forward to stopping by your place!

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  4. Woohoo Amy… you are now the fourth honoree of 20 Below Club just for liking the site! Only several people get this honor. Congrads to you and welcome 🙂 Your name and website is up on the Official Round Table Honorees.


  5. Amy….I’ve come here only to check in…I imagine life is taking you away from blogging (as it has for me too, this month) but I hope all is well with you and yours and that we will have more lovely words and insight from you as we move into the new season…..much love….

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  6. I so appreciate – and am warmed by – your checking in. I’m hoping to “return” soon… (That ellipse is for both of us.) Though it is a little daunting after being gone for a bit, I admit. Thank you for the encouragement. It helped more than you know!


  7. I just embarrassingly realized I never responded to your other challenge. I am so sorry and promise to try and make good on this one! Thank you for the opportunity. My writing lately has stunk. Maybe someone else’s words will revive this site and distract from my lack?


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