Road Trip

Throwing off all this adulthood

Feels reckless

And who knew

Windows down

Radio up

A tank top on

And shoes off would allow

Summer to lick all this skin

Liberate all these senses

Back to

All wide open

Being here

Makes way

For remembering

And looking forward


The Toll Booth Attendants (and other small but blessedly profound encounters)

  It lasted what, maybe 15 seconds? 

 Those four times at the toll booths today.

 In the scope of eternity 

 That’s not much

 (If you’re counting time).

 So not to make too much of it,

 But the attendants’ calm, cool, professional collectedness

 – and most of all the smile and the eye contact at the end – 

 And an unexpected stability crept in my car,

 Sidled comfortably into my psyche. 

 Men and women fulfilling their role, in their place,

 – temporary or not –

 In those well done isolated moments

 Helped catalyze

 A centering solidarity

 A happy empowering awareness

 Of folks.

 Folks working their shifts

 Capably, willingly,


 Profoundly inspired me – in reminding me – to well-work my own.

 Such a sturdy this-sphere’s-intact-and-life’s-going-forward posture

 Set me better on my way.

 Thanks for your part in paying it forward, 

 Whoever you are.

Darlings Away

Oh how I love you.

And so very wildly surprised

(And delighted) at how

Motherhood spins all these

Invisible threads that


Bind me to you.
Hoping this solidarity’s (desperation) will

Defy time and space,

Carry over, blanket you in all things needed.

Hoping these while-you’re-away prayers

Are reaching the throne of heaven.
Hoping that somehow

My love for you is an offering;

That these frantic hopes please Him and

See you protected and good-showered

– help to defeat all that would harm or steal.
My darlings,

I pine for your return:

But I celebrate your going

As I try to bravely (not cut)

Stretch the cord enough that you feel free

But still fully supported.

That you feel free to go

And (always) free to come back, to be, to bound to me.

Not stifled, not held back,

But wholly loved that you’re filled full up,

Ready in turn to fully live, fully love.
Be free, my darlings.

Be open, be wise, be strong, be kind.

Be impervious to evil’s wiles.

Be engaged in love’s beauteous play,

Life’s glorious possibilities.

As you’re away,


And know that I am grateful that you are (at least little bit) mine.

Be you…

And most of all,

Be His.