Seems an awful precarious vessel

By which would flow

You, or any part of You.

Even my wonder at Your goodness is

Too unreliable, too simple.

Part of and maybe the magic is

You’re to be hoped in:

No matter our fragility

Lack of dependability

Whimpering, stinking inadequacy.

You and all Your

Tendrils of light keep


Teasing to hope.


The Toll Booth Attendants (and other small but blessedly profound encounters)

  It lasted what, maybe 15 seconds? 

 Those four times at the toll booths today.

 In the scope of eternity 

 That’s not much

 (If you’re counting time).

 So not to make too much of it,

 But the attendants’ calm, cool, professional collectedness

 – and most of all the smile and the eye contact at the end – 

 And an unexpected stability crept in my car,

 Sidled comfortably into my psyche. 

 Men and women fulfilling their role, in their place,

 – temporary or not –

 In those well done isolated moments

 Helped catalyze

 A centering solidarity

 A happy empowering awareness

 Of folks.

 Folks working their shifts

 Capably, willingly,


 Profoundly inspired me – in reminding me – to well-work my own.

 Such a sturdy this-sphere’s-intact-and-life’s-going-forward posture

 Set me better on my way.

 Thanks for your part in paying it forward, 

 Whoever you are.