I’d be a well meaning but destructive spectator in this wide world of perils

Free the butterfly from his cocoon

The spider from his molt

Quicken the buffalo calf from the wolves’ pursuit

Make all the carnivores vegetarians

I’d upset the natural order of things in favor of less:

Less effort, less running, less power

Thereby weakening all things and

Have the place overrun

Instead of shrinking and fearing all these threats,

I pray to meet them as He’s directed

Be strong and courageous

Not lettuce leaf wilt

‘Neath what would challenge

Head up, shoulders back, forehead like flint

Taking hold of a freely offered inheritance as 

Little conqueror



“Lacking in nothing”

Oh, the wonder of this –

This puny puddle

Rallies a little

A slack everything

Perks up with the suggestion

And thrills

To think

It possible