A new peace descends
It’ll probably be displaced by some scurrying, unexpected,

Terrible trouble

But –

For this moment

Trouble, lofty pursuits,

“Grander” things

(Than savoring a bit of quiet)

Seem a little trumped up

Falsely grand

(a little silly?).

I don’t mean to judge

It’s just that

This new peace that’s descended

Seems enough to accomplish most anything

– Seems like everything –

Without lots of trying

And I do hope that this basking

Will serve to extend it

If even a little further…
Thank You, Lord.
Psalm 34:10

James 1:4


Good Morning


Ah, morning.

Before uncertainty, wit’s end, torn places

Before confusing, unfamiliar, troubling spaces

Before unkind, frowning, scowling faces.

Ah, morning.

All wide open and new

All quiet, serene, with no people in view

Stretched out and ahead

Before sapped strength,

Deferred hope, and fresh reasons for dread.

Fresh start. Hopeful. Still tackle-able.

Before unsure, full-on, and neurotically unstable.

Before all this wretchedness

Crowds out all this goodness

When the day’s potential’s

All fair and endless.

Ah, morning.

After coffee, before crashes

Before misunderstanding, disappointment, or miscommunication’s backlashes.

Ah, morning.

After prayer, before talking.

Before progress or insight or bad news that is shocking.

Just Him 

And just me

And just peace therein,

Good morning.