Good News


Worry over not giving Him enough airtime 

Write-time, credit-time

And He reminds me that most things already have His look.

He doesn’t need my positive press:

He is already present 

In all His glorious, perfect sufficiency.

With or without my attention.

With or without my drawing attention.

He reminds me

That I don’t need to worry about forgiven failings.

That noticing all this 

And remembering the Him all round and herein

Is worship.

And true worship is naturally contagious.

Real, live, savoring gratitude and 

Overflowing goodness

From a heart that knows Him, loves Him,

Believes Him, gives Him notice even a little 

Is transformative

Because He’s transformed it.

He’s in it

And no tiny conjuring on my part enlarges or diminishes Him.

The Gospel – the Good News –

Can’t be manufactured,

Forced, faked.

Real, true, good news

Really, truly transforms everything.

He doesn’t need my help.

But between you and me,

I’m so glad He wants it…