College Notebooks: Revisited

Memory lane

Innocuous enough for some.

“Beware,” my self bewitchingly warns my self,

“It could be treacherous for you.”

Warning unheeded

The otherwise sunny afternoon

Fritters away in a sad-days haze.

Like the mother’s admonition

For abstemious consumption


Too much candy

Roils in a

Futile search for digestive satisfaction.

Though sad, all that tragic

Lonely misery – deserved and otherwise –

And for all appearances,


Still trying to find its new place

And awkward

The new form’s just another

Inconvenient relative

In need of its own space.

And so, I settle in

To the unsettledness

Of memory.

In hope

That badly travelled off-roads

May converge to build

A new way:

Worth traveling well

Often and even again

Bravely anticipating that

Redemption’s song will

Sweeten further steps


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