Books and books and books and books

I’m surrounded by stacks quite tall

They teeter and totter 

And scatter and clutter with 

No consideration for floor space at all.


For that matter, they find themselves

Strewn on couches and beds, tables too

They’re behind pillows and chairs

Found their way up the stairs

What’s a self respecting housewife to do?


See I walk in the library bent on “just getting a few”

To my surprise look down next I know

I’m carrying bags and more bags

Muscles taut with the sag

How do these book stacks grow and grow?


It’s just that there are so many so good 

That I just have to take them all home

Where I can pore with delight

Have a laugh, get a fright

Dance with heroes or kings, elves or gnomes


In a short period of time on the shelves I can find

Any manner of fascinating story

Or how to fix a light switch

 “Take a right at South Stitch”*                               *Dr. Seuss

Seek profane, sacred, funny, or gory


In reading such pages I’m transported through ages

Of men’s genius or tragic mistakes

Can see art from the masters                                                           

Learn to make my own casters

Garden, beat cancer, raise snakes


I could can, plumb, embroider, keep from getting a goiter

Explore a country anywhere in the world

Learn how to raise children

Plant a tree, build a feed bin

Become an expert in reading jibs’ furls


Where else can you go where you can learn how to sew

Wrestle, cook, think, or make your skin glisten?

Read about birds of prey

Add delight to your day

By learning skills that’ll help you to listen?


I might gunsmith, or oil paint, learn to set my own type

Build a barn, house, deck, chicken coop

Learn Japanese, Spanglish

Keep a tank with exotic fish

Maybe make my own basketball hoop


I might learn how to ice skate or arrange all my closets

With some excellent organizational helps

Throw a great bridal shower

Dry a bunch of wildflowers

Learn definitions of weird words like “whelp”


I could experiment with eggplant tour a mine or a sand plant

Read a quote book with clever men’s quips

Fix my tired belt sander

Help a cheesecake taste grander

 Start a diet taking inches off hips


Read ’bout maintaining more order, heal a thinking disorder 

That I’ve battled since I was a kid

Tear apart a computer

Throw pots or braid cuter

Learn to seek sweet forgiveness for sin


What’s been put into the world through such wonderful books

The wisdom, truth, fun, words, and pictures

Compels me, controls me,

Befuddles, restores me

Book-wonder makes my life much richer


So I guess I’ll abide the books here with pride

The helps in the mess in this room

They allow me a glance

And a better life chance

And heck, maybe I’ll make my own broom.


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