Saturday Morning

Check the clock

Stop and pray

Remember that

It’s Saturday.

Get out of bed.

Fix the sheets.

Wash the face.

Ponytail neat.

Sort the berries.

Grind the flour.

Check the date

For that baby shower.

Load the fire.

Make the bread.

Write a little.

Strip some beds.

Wipe the counter.

Switch the clothes.

Form the bagels.

Clean off the stove.

Think with a child

Pursuing a new

Way of following

Something through.

Check the fire.

Sweep the floor.

Set the timer.

Write some more.

Move some books.

Cut up some fruit.

Figure out what’ll be

The next pursuit.

Fill the steamer.

Get some wood.

Make sure the children’s

Cleaning’s good.

Put shoes in basket.

Hats in chest.

Put away some clothes.

Give away the rest.

Reset the timer.

Take bread from oven.

Six year old walks by –

Stop for some huggin’.

Pour some coffee.

Take a sip.

Field a thoughtless

Sibling’s quip.

Give plants some water.

Make a library call.

Think about some color

For the hallway walls.

For the groceries 

Make some room

My darling husband’s

Bringing soon.

Eat some yogurt

On the fly.

Check the dough’s 

Not got too dry.

Wash a bowl.

Find a sock.

Plus some more

By 12 o’clock.



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