Hello, Paper

Hello, paper.

You look nice today.

You, of the yellow legal pad variety.

Not so austere as the white,

Less emphatic, less officious,

A little vaguer.

Coy, mysterious,

Intimidating, intriguing,

Stoic, silent;

Are you waiting for me?

Will your lines reveal wisdom or foolishness?

I feel like you’re wooing me…

Making me think I may have some potential.

I’ll be careful to not take that lightly.

Do you have something to tell me?

I’m crazy with the thought

That you might be hiding something.

I’ll be honest.

I’m excited about you. 

But like a shy giddy schoolgirl

I admire you from afar.

Gathering up my courage, I relent. 

And though tentative,

Introductions are made.

You seem to respond favorably

So I press on, anxious to keep it going.

Every word considered,

I watch you for signs of boredom.

Movements and nuances are dissected, studied, measured,

     wondered over.

What’s my effect on you?

I wish I knew, but maybe it’s best that I don’t.

I won’t deny that I’m a little tense in your company – but I’m hopeful too – and

Can’t help wondering over the results  

Of our time together.

A seasoned romantic and practical

(with my own strains of coy and cautious: 

I’ve been hurt by your sort before)

I recognize your power… and the potential dangers therein.

And though I’d like to be helpful and add something to the beauty,

(Maybe I’m being strategic, maybe manipulative, hopefully not exploitive)

I can’t help but wonder how you

May benefit me?

Your clean, tidy lines

May just catalyze some before now elusive stability.

Your knack for clarity 

Suggests a comforting centeredness.

You’re pretty reserved, a little aloof…

But seem open to engagement.

Sweetening the thrill of the chase,

Your posture in this early phase begs conquest:

But like many relationships, familiarity’s healthiest when framed and treated as a partnership.

So, blank page,

Until our time together’s no longer fruitful or beneficial,

(Or at least until the page is turned and a new one’s revealed)

I’ll stick around and do my best to draw you out.

I’ll hope beyond hope that I don’t compromise

Our relationship or

Your loyal, ever present, patient, available personality

With carelessness, lovelessness, or selfishness. 

And who knows if and when I’ll be ready to commit?

It’s not you. It’s me.

Our relationship fails if I am faithless.

For you are ever faithful, blank page.

So beautiful.

I think I love you. 

May you fill up with it,

Be better for my presence in yours.


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