Kayaking and other stuff


Timorous to start

Something of a breach is needed

A breaking through what would keep me back

Scanning the water –

(More like studying)

For what I do and don’t want to see beneath the surface

These over water treks

Not unlike the rest of life:

Full of breathtaking surprises

Textures, colors, sounds, smells

Assault me like so many familiar yet strangely unexpected presents

Paddling ’round each corner,

I don’t know what I’ll find

Sometimes I strain to see, sometimes I’m too distracted to look close enough to see

Much depends on the terrain

(And how much I’m paying attention)

Whether it’s better to paddle hard and forward

Or go backwards a little in order to right myself – or see something I missed

Sometimes a little noise is good for staving off would be threats

Sometimes staying still catalyzes magic

Some spaces call for silence.

Even the creatures mirror so many personalities:

The unaffected cormorants

Flustered and noisy kingfisher

The stoic yet skittish heron

The wary basking turtles

Industrious regal osprey.

But for all these/their appearances,

Their behaviors don’t seem to fit my from-here perceptions

The kingfisher’s small – I’d think him to be more private and fearful:

But vocalizing my disturbance he flies close and brazen.

The heron, larger than all the others, is also one of the shyest:

never allowing me closer than a far off look.

(Looks like he’d be a bully, but not so.)

The turtles…

I don’t know. Not to play favorites, but…

Water, land, slow and quick all at once, elusive yet visible

Fascinating, wonderful

Stone still for minutes that may tick into hours if left undisturbed,

that they’re there at all’s magic to me.

Seems they’d just be content to soak up whatever warmth’d be available

(If left alone they’d just bask in peace.)

Hard shell, soft body, water and land lover both, quiet, present;

Maybe I love them for our commonality?

(Or what I wish was our commonality?)

The carp – whose very name invokes some measure of disdain –

I appreciate your visibility

Even if you do have a bit of an ugly reputation

Size consistently impressive, I don’t have to fear your bite.

What a wonder to enjoy creatures and spaces with creatures.

When my fear defers to wonder

And I give up all this precious control

I’m a guest in all this lovely house

Where so many varied personalities

Eat, rest, fight, bask, propagate, BE.

Fulfilling their role, doing their part, as they are, because they are.

May I be as fully without pretense or falsity myself as these

Adding to the beauty

And though there’s so much I don’t see, may I do well with what I can.

May my personality – my behavior –  serve in adding to an already full and rich space,

Fully given to its purpose

…And willing to dwell in wild places



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