Children Ought to Get to Be Children


Children ought to get to be children:

Not have to hurry to get on with the next thing

To eat a few more sweets, on occasion,

While their little digestions may still handle it.

To play and not wash so that when they do,

They’re all the fresher.

With that, to get dirty:

Not be afraid of earth or creatures,

The weather or their own personalities therein

Not that they oughtn’t learn

– but once established –

Be allowed to roam and play and wander.

To wander ’til a pursuit occurs to them,

Rather than to always have deadlines imposed, scheduled,

Always working towards an ever-elusive goal

– and in such a damnable hurry.

(Plenty of time for that, if they so choose.)

To giggle with remarkable endurance – simply because it seems right to.

To taste, touch, smell, hear, look… and have time to wonder over it.

Relish it.

To act in moments as though moments are new

Instead of commodities to be utilized, controlled, contained, tackled, or subdued

In favor of productivity,

“Busy” some sort of warped status symbol

Rather than a poor-scheduling, life-sucking exposure.


But getting to be a child nowadays

Doesn’t seem so automatic.

Though maybe different in some respects,

The current state of mind numbing hyper-scheduling

Not so different from the outlawed ones from yesteryear.

Still in the name of industry

Aren’t all these pursuits for some

Ungainly prestige

Dressed up as




and Getting Ahead?

An entire generation(s)

May just wake up to know nothing of themselves or their gifts

Other than learning for the sake of the (up)grade

Schooling for the sake of the dollar

Sport for the sake of the medal

Fun for the sake of forgetting

When does living for its sake enter in?

Where’s the discovery

– where’s the life –

In fitting into already


Tiny little boxes?


9 thoughts on “Children Ought to Get to Be Children

    1. May I just thank you for being such a wildly gracious visitor? To open up my email and find all your likes was like a breath of fresh air and the most excellent – and dare I say timely – of surprises. I didn’t know how parched I was for positive responses ’til I was encouraged by not only your willingness to read on, but your acknowledgement of the reading! Thank you, truly, truly, deeply. Goodness. You seem to have brought out the gushy in me again…

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  1. And for what it’s worth, I don’t mind hearing it again, again, again, and again. (At the risk of sounding needy. But after all, it is the year of “honest” for me!) Thank you ever so much. To hear it from you whose writing blows me away over and over again (at the risk of repeating myself!) is such a marvelous and unexpected blessing and encouragement. Thank you, dear and gracious one!


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