Activity Suspension, Maybe


Here in this middle space

This activity suspension

This slightly bewildering unknown place

(I say as though moments aren’t all previously unknown)

I wander a little

Pick up a few things

(I’m the resident stuff-mover)

Wonder how much function counts as enough

While I wonder who decides what counts.

And how one measures.

Why one measures.

The children are playing in the pool

For the umpteenth time 

And the umpteenth hour

And I wonder when that stopped being enough.

It is nice out here.

My porch furniture

– though maybe a little more grownup

and significantly less exuberantly acted upon –

Is fun and comfy.

The breeze is nice,

The play a happy soundtrack.

So I think…

I think that sitting here

Savoring this moment

Is enough.

And all of a sudden,

This supposed activity suspension 

Feels anything but inactive

It feels 

All in

Full on

And the potential of having something to show

Greater than ever


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