85 years old a few weeks ago

He stops to visit

It hurts him to stand

And though offered a seat

He does

In deference to our working in the yard

And out

Good neighborliness and respect

Dictating certain levels of inherent


Void of entitlement.

His voice is weaker today, I notice,

Drips from his watery eyes 

A fair constant.

As he talks

I’m struck by the dignity

The value of this man

Who represents a generation

Of more like him.

And as my heart swells with pride

With their legacy

– and friendship –

I find myself trying to memorize

His face lines

The silver stubble

The weary strength

And hope

That some in my own generation

May earn such respect.


12 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Dear Amy–

    I do not do reciprocal Follows (I cannot keep up with reading posts on the few blogs I currently follow) and to my great and deserved shame, have even been remiss about visiting and thanking my more recently-added Followers, or popping in for occasional visits among the rest of my wonderful readers. But I will be trying to catch up with everyone, over the next month or two. (Come to think of it, I am going to post these words on my Home page until I DO catch up.)

    So: I stopped by just for a quick peek, and–oooo–a bridge!!
    😦 ), give a shout-out, and I will most happily head back on over.

    –O. Babe


  2. WP, or an internet connection/Time Warner hiccup, more likely, cut most of my comment–the evil thing! HERE is the bulk which is missing, after “a bridge!!” (poorly reconstituted, as retries often are):

    “That alone would have earned your post this Aspie’s Like, but now that I have read your words, the Like is better applied to your respectful, loving, and beautiful-expressed poem. I am honored to have such a talent join my other amazing Followers.

    Since I may make it back here only rarely, if/when you have a post you are most particularly proud of (“of which you are particularly proud”–pth-th-th!)–”

    And…THERE is where I think it picks up at “give a shout-out”.

    Sorry about that!


    1. I appreciate you taking the time to not only check things out over here, but to explain the “not follow” which is wildly gracious of you. Thanks for that and what a nice problem for you to have! Too many to read and follow!

      “Especially proud of” may probably more aptly be titled, “not totally ashamed about” (which is probably and truthfully saying the same thing.) so thanks for the invite, of sorts, we’ll see! Thanks again for taking some time to respond. I’m better for you today! (Hopefully that makes sense, if even in a weird way?)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ! Not ashamed!? Maybe the now-four writing samples of yours I’ve seen are outliers ( 😉 ) –the poem, About page, this comment, and t’other–but, based upon their writing quality, I find it impossible to believe you’d write anything that would merit shame.

        Head up, sister!


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