The Dark Won’t Hold

  All these words have already been used –

I can only hope not used up

Looking back on all this time 

And all these mine-times

Is like looking painfully and unaware 

At someone else’s life

That’s not so bad, I guess;

A long aching road’s

Being replaced by snatches of sunlight

That stretch and change

And quietly brighten all these inner rooms

Simple unexpected joys burn away 

(What I thought were) too many shadows

The light dances

In all these unexpected ways

(But always yearned after)

And the dark can’t hold

Praise His Name

The dark won’t hold


4 thoughts on “The Dark Won’t Hold

    1. What a lovely and gracious comment! God indeed transcends all our tiny musings, doesn’t He? Oh, how I love Him for His love extended: that it’s bigger and wider and greater than all else.

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      1. Amy ,you have said it so well , for so many of us . Thank u ! Your creativity revives me everytime I go through your writings . God’s unearthly grace and immeasurable love for us is the heart-beat of this whole record. True words . Thanks again

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