Vulnerable and Married: together at last

Maybe my reluctance towards intimacy
Is an innate refusal to be possessed

Maybe I’ve bought the wrong lines

Regarding sacred union

Maybe I’ve perceived all the wrong sacrificial requirements

Maybe I’ve seen love (inadequately, tragically, falsely)

As an all “giving up”

Instead of following that gift through

To its more accurately and absolutely “all getting” 

I have kept you over there – arm’s length

(A safer distance, I thought)

Instead of drawing closer

(In desperate self-protection, I think)

And here, instead of “Impressive Impenetrable Fortress”

As my welcome mat

I have “Lonelier Than Ever”

Starving in this false autonomy

I’m sorry, my lover, my darling, and

(I mean it and vow to grow into all those designations)

I will try…


I will welcome you.

I will be patient

I will be gentle 

I will surrender in right ways

I will treat this ground and the one who shares it with me as sacred.

I will stop fearing the inadequacy of my own self possession

Stop seeing an enemy where there is you:

Welcome guest, honored, cherished, trusted, (wildly patient!) invited friend and lover.


8 thoughts on “Vulnerable and Married: together at last

  1. Dear Amy,

    I read this with a joyful heart for both you and your husband. I imagine this will be treasured by him always. Thank you for calling my attention to it so that I could share in your special transformation and dedication to true and full commitment.

    –O. Babe

    –O. Babe

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  2. Beautiful post ! Would u mind taking a moment to look at my poetry ? I have one in stock which i wrote for my hubby . Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated 🙂 I would like to forward your post to my husband . It’s so full of grace , love & devotion . Lov’d it!

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    1. It would be my pleasure and thank you for your graciousness. What’s the title? I “stopped over” to your place but wasn’t sure if I read the one you’re referring to… Thanks again for your generous responses to what you’ve read here. You’ve encouraged me a great deal this morning and I’m ever so grateful.

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      1. Thank u for your kind words . Thank u for taking a moment to reply back . Much appreciated! It’s my third last post . I am anew beginner . Would be glad to cherish any drop in & suggestions. All are warmly welcomed! Thanks again for your generosity


      2. Hi Amy . I hope u wouldn’t mind me asking u to put a narrow through into my blog again:) ? It would be a great privilege for me , of inspiring people to have taken a moment out and visiting my blog . I have been waiting all day long , to get a hint of your presence there . Thank u:) U have inspired me a lot . Thanks for allowing me to fall in love with your articles , over & over again:) !


      3. So sorry that I couldn’t do what you asked when you asked. We had some unexpected trials pop up over here that prohibited me from spending time online. I hope to get to it today!

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  3. I am so sorry! My internet is allowing me to respond here but is not letting me get to your site. It makes no sense to me, I’ll keep trying, and so sorry again!


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