Premeditated Posturing

Nothin’ like my wretched to bring out yours

And you may mind me saying,

But there’s nothin’ like your wretched to bring out mine.

I know you’re not trying to NOT know me

But you’re not trying TO either

It’s hard to hug so much premeditated posturing

And I’m sorry I walk away disappointed in you

I don’t know why

As your refusal to know me

Is just another reflection of my own ugliness

This isn’t all there is

Praise His Name

This isn’t all there is

Bear with me

I’ll bear with you

Shed this outgrown itchy skin

For a fresh one

That gleams and shines

‘Neath the light

Inviting, welcoming

Ready and new for receiving all you offer

Impermeable to stings and scratches

Forgive my absorption of your ugliness

– please disregard it – 

As if I didn’t have my own to be rid of

I’ve gone and lazily let yours ooze through

Like so much poison all our transgressions

May mingle and choke out the healthy parts

If we’re not careful

I know better

A better way

An excellent way

A less garment-like way

One that doesn’t have to be changed nor shed

One that is rooted in – Who is – love and righteousness

Who never tires, nor offends, nor spoils

Who extends love to a thousand generations

Make us so, Lord. 

Forgive these petty (though still dire) offenses

Be our love

Thank You for Yours.


2 thoughts on “Premeditated Posturing

  1. Do you think like this, the way I think in pictures?
    Does your thought train follow this beautiful rhythm?
    I can see it flowing out.
    Like on tracks.
    Is this a glimpse into the mind of Amy?
    Lucky me to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do, and it does. I’m grateful for you to have a glimpse and grateful for your willingness to glimpse it! When you told me of your hesitancy towards poetry I was anxious to disclaim the train as poetry… I’m always a little unsure as to whether it qualifies. I think I like train better. (Rabbit trail? Grinding gear shifting, as my husband calls it?) no matter. As long as it ends up back at HIM. Love you, friend. Thanks for giving it a look and for taking the time to respond. Made me ever so happy and encouraged this morning after I had just prayed for discernment as to whether or not to keep writing in this way. You showed up and gave me verbal hug. I just love you both to pieces. You. Him. The Him in you. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with me!


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