Blessedly Forced Reckoning

Shhhh…. He whispers.

With so many words

This breeze


A rocked-jacked-up-unexpected-turn-of-events

Forced inactivity

This fragility I’m tempted to begrudge

Turns out’s my greatest asset

As it makes room

For all His goodness

That I temporarily forgot

In all my (quite-temporary-and-posing-as) capability.

Oh, Lord,

How majestic is

– Not just Your Name –

But Your way


Light as a feather

Heavy as a mountain

More besides and all the in betweens





Staggered, lonely, and full am I

With such a God as You

You Are

And Everywhere

Help us see YOU


2 thoughts on “Blessedly Forced Reckoning

  1. I am late arriving here, Amy, but your words are timeless, so it’s okay… 🙂 Beautiful and heart-full sharing. Hope your jacked-up-turn-of-events has tumbled over the falls and found its way to a calm pond and a smoothly flowing current.


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    1. Thank you ever so much, Michael! Your compliments are always so soothing, balmy, and encouraging. Blessedly, and as ever, the events have indeed passed on (I don’t even remember what they were now!). Probably to make way for more, but I think I’ll try and hold on to your imagery in anticipation of those to come also passing over the falls! Praise His Name for still waters! And thanks again to you for kind words and efforts to come visit.

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