Eternity stares down my borders.

Why hide my face

From such loving scrutiny?

All these dehydrated papery wrinkles

Need withering’s reversal.

Need re-filling with warmth and light and living water

Away from all this self-induced winter.

(Not the crisp, clean, bright, light, renewing sort of winter,

But the gray, damp, bleak, worse kind of winter void of snowy open spaces and full of miry pits, thorns, and sloughs.)

The strongman needs bound again:

And we both need reminded of

Who’s power reigns supreme.

Instead of diminishing,

My inheritance (wonder of wonders, gracious God) is an enlarging.

Though I’ve been showcasing my smallness by

Giving free reign to my less-than-bests, it’s time to look

Upward and outward,

Extend and unfurl in all this spring.

Though surrounded by yesterday’s-life-made-today’s-dead-patches,

Life courses through:

Ready for the realizing,

Suspended in anticipation,

Poised and ready for animation,

Radiating in slow simmer,

Spurred and graced with remembrance and thankfulness,

Restored to mirror, channel, vessel, servant, and

Resurrected in the power of



Praise and thanks, great and gracious God.


2 thoughts on “Enlarge

    1. I’m so pleased that you think so. Thanks too for bothering to read… To Him, for Him, of Him: I want to be – I think – but if I’m honest and if my actions are at all telling (which they must be as ‘out of the overflow’) I can’t help but wonder if He doesn’t tire of my lack of wholeheartedness. It’s like I’m flitting about backstage, wondering if i really want to commit to the thing 100%. And I can’t help but think that my Audience of One won’t run out of patience to see the show. It’s like I just keep acting like I have more time before I get to the business of being serious. Orrrr…. maybe I’m taking it all too seriously and this is my folly. Sounds like I need to get back on my knees (face?) and ask – oh – and really want to know what He’d say in response. Praise and thanks, gracious God, for being so big! Please don’t stop condescending to our littleness! Please help us mirror Your goodness and therein don’t give up on us! Forgive us, gracious and good God. Oh, that we’d be like You. The world would be set on fire just like it was when you came in the flesh and dwelt among us… Glory!


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