Take a deep breath.

There’s One Who knows, can help, lead, protect, hold, guide in best ways (and all-ways).

Ask Him. He knows.

And while you wait for the opportunity to present,

Enjoy, love, savor the life that surrounds (fills… makes… creates…. begets, improves, enlivens, radiates, heals, raises, feeds, clothes, provides-in-full for).

And it’s fun to think about that while we hold our breath a little, the earth seems to be taking a much needed one: the earth is quieting, the pollution has dissipated some, heck, I’ve had opportunity to slow, breathe, see, listen to the life that surrounds. Gotten to wait for it to present to me instead of me trying to catch up with it.

What a relief and blessing to be listener… and have the room to say as much, be as much. Thank You, Lord.


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