Look up! Look up! Look up!

 I admonish myself o’er and o’er

 As though watching for a bird or superhero,

 Sometimes novelty poses as power 

 And ends up reigning in its temporary amusement.

 Worse, I might just give myself good credit

 For such a capable eagle-eye.

 (Quite forgetting my flippancy, inconsistency, and tendency towards faulty vision.)

 My intentions are good; 

 Leastways when I remember 

 To seek His way

 ‘Stead of my own.

 And I get it –

 A breakaway from tunnel vision’s curse is necessary

 For reversing cross eyes.

 It’s a start.

 And it’s true.

 And He is there:

 But He’s here too.

 And maybe –

 Maybe my coming higher

 Means dwelling better

 Here – in the lowly –

 Embracing where He already is

 (Remembering where He already is)

 Instead of searching from afar.

 Recognizing where He already is?

 This is revolutionary.

 Stepping closer to the God with us

 Instead of frantically motioning for Him

 To come on over and join the huddle.

 And I wonder why He’s not in more of a hurry!

 Or more willing to come on my terms!

 (As if He could be summoned [ordered?] to “come on over!”)

 Remember it is I 

 Who am distant.

 I who too often steps outside His trinitarian embrace.

 I who needs to come closer.

 I whose privilege it is – 

 To serve Him, come to Him, and

 Not the reverse.

 He has already come: blessedly, miraculously, lovingly. 

 And though looking up’s a start,

 It’s also a looking ’round that’s needed,

 Wide-eyed and panoramic

 For glimpses of Him

 In, through,

 Omnipresent much more than “up”



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