Family Resemblance/Trickle Effect

 The generations color each other.

 By virtue of contact your color colors mine

 For good or ill

 Sins or victories of the fathers

 Don’t just trickle

 But torrent with dizzying effects.

 No matter how inconvenient (or unsavory),

 There is no rock or island existence

 As a child of people.
 But we are not doomed

 To others’ – or even our own – mistakes, missteps, sins.

 Our Father, our Brother,

 Beckon us to higher, firmer ground.

 The path is narrow – yes – but it is sure.

 Family resemblance? I hope.

 Like a long-together couple,

 May I look more and more like Him.

 May the torrent of His love

 Never slow to a trickle:

 But overflow.

 May the family resemblance

 Trump, cover, erase to oblivion

 Any impurities or uglinesses left over or 

 Potentially passed on.

 May I be radiant with His color:

 And so color these.


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