Even though I’ve not been here before

 Going through the motions

 As though I have.

 Where nary an original thought

 Feeding reaction

 S’to be found.




 Ways of responding

 All seem irritatingly preconceived.

 Decided upon.

 Not deciding’s deciding too.

 I must decide to remind myself

 That I’ve not passed this way before.

 This is a new day

  A new thing 

 (Full of promise and opportunity)

 Why does this remembrance seem the exception, the extra?

 A pleasant surprise? A life-changing epiphany?

 Why does succumbing to lesser quality modes of responding seem to be the most common rule?

 Going through the motions will reign

 If I don’t fight for lusher, more vital grounds.

 Fight to remember this new day

 The thrill of new ways.

 Will I fight?

 Will I perceive it?

 Will I see the new thing

 And refuse to be swallowed 

 In the old?

 Be remade, live fully alive,

 In the new?


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