Jesus Is


Jesus is kinda punk rock
No warning 


All freedom

‘Cept drive’s not gone awry: 

No violence serving ignoble purposes

– He’s still hardcore –

Tumultuous and jarring as a mosh pit

He’s not all piety and whispers

But He is clean

Sometimes quiet


Jesus is kinda Baroque:



Calming, invigorating

Jesus is kinda hippy:

Free, earthy

Not bound to norms



Akin to blowin’ with the wind

Jesus is kinda conservative

Fitted too for suits

Intentional, shrewd, spot on, exacting, rigorous.

Calm, cool, collected

And still authentically authentic

As lion, lamb, dove, serpent.

No wonder all these appeal and

– Each but a strain of a more excellent way –

Speak to us

Trouble is, err too much on the side of one

And the others get forsaken.

Why not dig deep

Stretch a little and

Embrace smatterings of each 


All out





Taste and see all the richness 

Of the one in the many

Not make up a limited mind 

Held in and unfinished

Towards one and only best way

But all in, eyes open, ready to see The Way

As it – as He – chooses to present

And so regard with love and awake to those

Who wear His other colors

And so 


The Him in the them


4 thoughts on “Jesus Is

  1. Thank you ever so much, Michael. I’m so grateful you “get it.” What a relief and encouragement. His innumerably varied qualities rock. (And between you and me, I’m so grateful He’s such a good sharer! 🙂


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